About Sarah

Left to right: Hannah, Caleb, Eric, Naomi, Sarah, Noah, Levi

Sarah is wife to Eric, an Executive Pastor in Long Beach, and mother to five children, aged 4-13.  Her parents gave her an early love for God's word, a tremendous example of generosity, and an unshakable commitment to the church - all of which shape her daily life still.  Before managing the crew full-time, she taught high school English (got to use that B.A. and M.A., Ed. somehow!). She has always been grateful to support Eric in his ministry, and together they've worked with youth, couples and young families, and marriages both old and new.

Sarah loves almost everything about the slow-life: jam, quilt making, printed books, snail mail, and naps (among others).  She also loves Disneyland and being warm. She dreams about not being behind and someday owning a motorcycle.

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