Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1

Judges 13:1-14:20; John 1:29-51; Psalm 102:1-28; Proverbs 14:15-16

I am finally caught up.  Between an out-of-town trip by my husband, a couple of extra days of (paid) work, our church-wide New Testament reading program, and a speaking engagement I needed to prepare for, I fell three or four (five?) days behind.  But I'm back on schedule, having read two days' worth for the last several days.  I like to be on time, but I realize that my life isn't predictable and I'll have weeks where I need to give myself some grace.  In the interest of full disclosure, there was one year I was so far behind by December that I simply didn't read Revelation at all.  (I know, gasps of horror, right?)  This One-Year-Bible reading is intended to grow me into Christ-likeness, not act as a bludgeon.  So, if you're behind, that's okay.  Keep going.  Read two or three days at a time if you can.  Skip days if you need to.  Do what helps you continue in this journey.  (And for those of you who are right on the money - congratulations!  We're a third of the way through!)

All that said, I'm sort of at a loss for insightful comments today.  Maybe I used up all my brain power catching up?  So here's a smattering of things that caught my attention or made me wonder as I read:

* Even though the name of Manoah's wife is never mentioned, she's clearly the primary person in this story - the angel appears to her first, and, even though Manoah specifically asks God for another visitation (Judg. 13:8), the angel again appears to the woman while she's apart from her husband.  It's all happening to and through her, even when Manoah directly involves himself.
* Why would the Spirit of the Lord come upon Samson to give him the ability to do that which would violate his Nazirite status (i.e., kill the lion)?  Does Samson not know this about himself?  Does he not care?  
* And how amazing that God uses Samson for his purposes even though Samson seems kind of laissez-faire about purity and holiness!
* Mary's got another good song based on Judges 14:18.  Maybe if you comment enough, she'll post a video of it.  (grin)
* How does John not know Jesus (see Jn. 1:31, 33)?  
* I love it that Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, is the one who tells him about Jesus and urges Peter to join the disciples (Jn. 1:40-42).  None of the Big Three (James, John, and Peter) are among Jesus' earliest disciples.  Instead, it's these faithful behind-the-scenes guys: Andrew and Philip.  They're pulling people toward Jesus.
* The imagery in the Psalms always moves me.  For some reason, "I lie awake; I have become like a bird alone on roof" (Ps. 102:7) has always seemed particularly poignant. Isn't there something so lonely about the idea of a bird - those community-minded creatures - alone in a solitary place?
* I desperately want my children to live in God's presence, to see my descendants established before him (Ps. 102:28).  I can only pray - and try to live faithfully - though.  And that lack of control unsettles me.

A random assortment, to be sure, but an accurate portrayal of the way I interact with Scripture as I read.  I want to be changed, and that will only happen if I'm attentive and thoughtful. 

- Sarah Marsh

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